Guitar Lessons FAQ


I offer 60, 45, and 30 minute lessons.   Lessons are administered in my home studio in Cranston, RI.  The studio is convenient to access off of Rt. 10 or Rt. 95 and is close to both Warwick and Providence RI. Note: Online lessons are currently not being offered as of 2022.

I have taught over 200+ students in RI from ages 3-85 of all different skill levels and abilities.

All skill levels and ages are welcome for lessons.

What to Expect

For Parents: Expect a teacher that has the skills and patience to unlock your child’s musical potential. Parents are free to sit in with me and their son/daughter during the lesson or to wait in the waiting room. The door connecting the studio to the waiting room is open at all times so you can hear and see what is happening in the lesson.

I try to establish a safe space where people feel comfortable but are also challenged at the same time. For beginners, we usually learn how to read notes and tab, play chords, play some simple blues songs and whatever music the client wants to learn. I teach clients the music *they* want to learn because that is the music that motivates them the most, rather than forcing what I like upon other people. I do not have a specific agenda with anyone. We can work on whatever you like. We can read notes, learn to solo, do music theory, or we can just learn Taylor Swift songs all day. Whatever you like! Any song you want to learn is fair game no matter how obscure, I usually can figure out how to play something I’ve never heard within seconds.

As you progress, I put a stronger emphasis on ear training. I will teach you how to figure out songs note for note completely by ear. Learning by ear is the best way for most people to learn but it takes a lot of guidance to establish the skill.

For more advanced students, we learn music by ear, analyze song structure, identify the key and the chords of the key,  learn how to embellish melodies, voice chords, substitute chords, apply scales, create bass lines and improvise over the changes.  We’re learning important skills but within the context of playing and understanding music that you love.

Frequently Asked Questions from Beginners

1- Do I need to have a guitar to take lessons with you?
Yes, you do need a guitar because you need to practice what we discuss every week with regularity, preferably 5-7 days a week.

2- Do you rent guitars?
Yes, I rent good quality guitars inexpensively but only to my ongoing students. For $40 per month plus a refundable $40 security deposit, you get a professionally set-up electric guitar, good strings, a small practice amp and an instrument cable. The guitars I rent are smaller than a full-size guitar so they are perfect for children and beginners.

3- Is it easier to learn on an acoustic or electric?
It’s easier to learn on an electric for two reasons: First, because the distance between the fretboard and the strings (the “action”) is lower on electric guitars. That means you don’t have to press as hard to achieve a good tone. Secondly, electric guitar strings are thinner by about 25-40% so you don’t have to press as hard.

4- I already have a guitar, can I use it?
It depends on the student’s age, size, size of their hands, strength, and what kind of condition the guitar is in. Bring your guitar to your first lesson and I will evaluate it for you. If it needs a setup or adjustment, I will refer you to a local shop; it will probably cost around $80 to get it up and running. If it’s a cheap guitar and isn’t worth fixing, you can either rent from me on an ongoing basis or I can recommend another instrument.

5- I already know what sort of guitar I want, can I just buy it?
I don’t recommend buying an instrument without talking to me first. There are too many variables to consider and I don’t want you spending $150+ on something that will not be a good long-term fit for you.



Take one of the following discounts for your first month (a 20% discount):

-Four 30 minute lessons for $80
-Four 45 minute lessons for $122
-Four 60 minute lessons for $160

The price after the promotion is:

-$25 for 30 minute lessons.
-$38 for 45 minute lessons.
-$50 for 60 minute lessons.

Call me today at 508-202-1032 and we can discuss your goals. -Scott