Lessons Feedback

“Scott is a great guitar instructor who tailors his lessons to meet the skill level of the student right from the beginning, and you will clearly notice your progress the longer you stick with his teachings. He is a very skilled guitarist who is able to patiently work with his students to get them to achieve their goals, offering advice, encouragement, and knowledge in a fun atmosphere each session. He keeps the lessons fresh and interesting by focusing on skills and techniques that the student wants to learn, as well as incorporating exercises and songs that feature those techniques. Overall, if you want to improve as a guitarist, Scott will definitely help you on your journey.” -Adam Henderson, student

“Scott is extremely knowledgeable and his approach to teaching guitar is awesome. His lessons don’t follow a strict path, instead, he works with what each individual student wants to get out of the learning process.” -Chris Lamothe, student

“Scott is an amazing instructor and is undeniable talented. What I liked the most about working with him is that he’s excellent at breaking down songs so that I can play them at my level. Another great quality about Scott is that he’s genuinely interested in the success of his students; he motivates and celebrates small wins. Lessons with Scott are a blast, I love when he’s jamming along improvising while I’m practicing a chord or two… him playing along makes my practice fun.” -Daysi P., student

“Everything! His teaching style, his kind and gentle personality, his skill level, his love of music and his craft. Scott turned my hobby into a lifelong passion by sharing all the above and more.” -Edmund Dalo, student

“Scott has a great sense of humor and is very patient. His warm demeanor and extensive musical knowledge make for a great learning experience.” -Keith Sereby, student

“Best guitarist in New England. Best guitarist that I know personally.” -Steve K., Ph.d, URI Professor

“I’m glad that you’re teaching because I feel that you have a lot to offer.”- George Leonard, R.I. College jazz guitar professor

“You’re the best guitar teacher in Rhode Island, I tell everyone about you.” -Ron L.

“Best guitar instructor ever, you are the most wonderful and talented person I know.” -Daysi P.

“Wow, do you know how many teachers I’ve been to to explain this to me and I never got it till now?  You’re a great teacher!” -Jess P.

“Hi Scott, I was thinking of you when I completed some new songs because of my deep appreciation for our time working together. Everytime I play a guitar part I love, Im grateful for my teacher……YOU! Hope you and your family are staying safe, healthy and sane during this time. Here is the share link to the soundcloud account I just created, enjoy!” – Eddie D.

“Heard a song while driving today. Had to figure out how to play it. Figured out it is in the key of F# and also figured out all the chords. Music theory paid off!!!!!” -Chris L.

“I’m not trying to blow smoke up your *** but coming here is inspiring. I notice that when I don’t come in, I get lazy and don’t progress.” -Ron L.

“I enjoyed the time we had playing together. You brought to the band a nice clean, melodic sound with strong guitar and instrumental skills – I’ll still will never figure out all those pedals?!? We’ll sorely miss your musical and leadership talents. Our loss will definitely be another’s gain. I do hope so, for you!” -Greg C., former bandmate

“When we play together, it’s like I’m playing with Fripp himself. – Larry G.

“Thank you for all that you taught me. Definitely helped me understand music in a much better way. Even now I don’t just listen but try to analyze songs when I listen to them. All thanks to you! Please do keep sending me any videos that you record. It’s a treat to listen to you play!” -Vivin B.

” [My son] is someone who can easily lose interest. You have kept him interested and he seems to get the hang of it. We are blessed to have a teacher like you. He is doing great which is credit to your teaching and commitment. Fantastic work.” – Sajjesh G.

“As my guitar teacher I think you should know I survived my first open mic! Haha I did well and was invited back….thanks for your patience, you’re a great guitar teacher!” -Eddie D.

“Wow! Thank you, I learned so much today! I didn’t really learn that much with my 2 other instructors and I am really glad that I am with someone now who is really showing me a lot.” -Jacob P.

“[That] was a real breakthrough for me, I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth [with the lessons]”- Bruce B.

“At home, I often wonder what we’re going to do for an hour each week, but when I get here, it really is the highlight of my week.” – Tim M.

“That was really great, exactly what I needed! I really enjoyed talking about Autumn Leaves. I feel like I got a lot out of our conversation about the harmony and different chord voicings.” -Leo P., University Professor

“Thanks for pushing me yesterday. I think I’m starting to understand!” – Pattie S.

“Wow, you’re a really great teacher!” – Steve K., University Professor

“Thank you for introducing me to the right way to learn guitar.” -Tony K.

“You are very generous with your time.” -Daysi P.

“I was watching an old video of Al Di Meola and he reminded me of you!  Both in your mannerisms and in your style of playing.”  -Gary C., University Professor

” We are so grateful that you are lending all of your talents to us.  You make us so much better!” -Laurie R., bandmate

“You’re a really great teacher, I like the way you explain things.” -Anthony P.

“Thanks so much for the lesson, wow, I learned a ton!”

“Are those strings fireproof?” – Alex C.

“I think you do a fantastic job.  She [my daughter] is excited to come here and engaged to learn.”- Cindy L.

“This is literally the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life, bar none.” -Chris F. on my “Bubbleman” video

“Scott, I really appreciate your patience and understanding. I’ve seen many people give up on us, but you’ve been rock-solid with us from the start.  You’re awesome! – Keith S.

“Last week, you totally unlocked the fretboard for me.” -Joe M.

“I really appreciate you showing me and explaining to me all of this theory, Scott.” -Tom A.

“You’re the best guitar teacher I’ve ever had [she has had five]. You’re very methodical and precise. The other ones would just teach me to play songs and it would be fun, but I never reached my goals. You’re teaching me the fundamentals, which is what I’ve always wanted to learn.” – Catherine L.

“Wow, I didn’t realize I was going to learn chords this fast [at the first lesson]!-Andrea S.

“Great teacher!” – Daniel S., Dave S., Mike M., Tim M.

“Thanks for all your help with the guitar learning!!!” – Dave S.

“I love that you’re teaching them how to read music!” – Molly T.

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“You’re Outstanding” -Pat Wibs
“Incredible!”-Oni Hasan
“Awesome” – Chris Cava
“Sounds so good!! Thanks for share!” – Stefano Tamborini
“This is fantastic” -Icaro Paiva
“Nice improv man, lots of great melody in there!” – Greg Rapaport
“So good!” – Jo Jena